CFO Innovation Australia Forum 2018

While the threat of a trade war lurks ominously, global economic conditions remained strong in Australia, with GDP expected to be 3.8% for 2018. Most importantly, this growth is widespread across most markets and Australia’s economy is expected to sustain its 29-year recession-free track record out to 2020, owing to strong consumer spending, increased non-mining business investment, and government expenditure. However, a potential slowdown in jobs growth, rising household debt, and weak exports could pose challenges.

At CFO Innovation Australia Forum 2018, finance leaders across leading industries will cover these trends extensively and provide key learning to capitalize on new business opportunities. As the CFO’s role is broadening to drive business change, finance leaders are now leading the agenda of deeply embedding data driven organizational culture and harnessing the demand for agility and accuracy across the organisation. But in practice, how can digitization beneficially redefine the traditional finance function? How can automation initiatives and data analytics further empower decision making processes? How to achieve effective finance transformation to drive enterprise-level value creation?

Key Topics at CFO Innovation Australia Forum 2018:

  • The changing value propositions of finance function: How to successfully integrate operational improvements and growth drivers?
  • How to define and implement new, digitally-enabled business models to efficiently modernize the finance function?
  • Driving process optimization continuously with Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and automation software
  • How Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning will transform the future of accounting
  • Enabling Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) through utilization of new digital technology
  • Identifying sources of value creation: How to effectively align and mobilize resources?

Who will attend?

  • Chief Finance Officer (CFO)
  • Chief Accountant
  • Finance Director
  • VP Finance
  • Finance Controller
  • GM/ Head of Finance
  • Head/ Director of Treasury
  • Director of Internal Audit
  • Risk Manager
  • Account/ Finance Manager
  • Other senior level finance executives

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