2nd Australian Private Infrastructure Forum 2019 Sydney

LTIIA, Pottinger and S&P will host a 2nd Australian Private Infrastructure Forum, building  on the success of a similar event held in Sydney in 2017.

The event is designed to provide a practical, interactive forum to identify new ways to unlock project progress with major infrastructure initiatives.

Attendance is by invitation-only and is limited to senior leaders from government, the private sector and relevant regulators and is designed to bring together stakeholders who have long-term involvement with and responsibility for infrastructure, including senior government officials, CEOs and C-suite executives.

Topics will cover:  Megaprojects, innovation in funding and financing, and new frontiers to support economic growth with a Focus on project activation, building stakeholder support and accelerating delivery.

Our ambition is that participants can walk away with a new perspective on how to solve at least one of their current challenges.

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