AGES Pelvic Floor Symposium 2019

AGES is excited to announce that the joint 2018 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Dr Denis Mukwege will be joining our esteemed faculty and will present in the opening plenary. This inspirational Congolese doctor has devoted his life to the repair of women who have been brutalized and violated. The son of a pastor who was prepared to shift the focus of his career from paediatrics to obstetrics and then gynaecological surgery to respond to local needs, Denis will share stories and experiences not to be missed.

‘Mukwege has earned the moniker “the man who mends women” for the work he and his colleagues at Panzi Hospital have done to treat tens of thousands of women and girls, survivors of rape and sexual violence, which has been used as a weapon of war since conflict began in the east of the DRC in 1995’.Rumours had circulated for years that he was in the running for the Nobel Peace Prize, and in 2018 he was awarded that highest of honours for his work.

Dr Mukwege will be joining our other international faculty members such as Dr Lynsey Hayward, the stellar immediate past president of IUGA and Dr Sayeba Ahkter, a visionary woman who has transformed hundreds of lives in Bangladesh and who works tirelessly for the Rohingya women. They are charged with the task of guiding you along a different surgical pathway, a task they are ably equipped for. By popular demand we have invited Lorimer Moseley to join us again to explain pain. We can’t pass by an opportunity to extend our knowledge of this ever-expanding area, presented in such a beguiling way.

Let our local faculty dare you to innovate with more controversial surgical options and new technology updates. Then let’s move into another realm and join our invited international physiotherapist, Professor Kari Bø, a woman of immense achievements. In 2015, she was awarded the Mildred Elson Award, the most prestigious award from the World Confederation of Physiotherapy, for her contribution to research and education in pelvic floor dysfunction and women’s health. In 2016 she was awarded the International Continence Society Lifelong Achievement award. She will bring us into the world of physiotherapy and its intersection with the pelvic floor.

Everything about our 2019 program is different. We’ll explore obstetric and gynaecological issues, and even venture into politics, exploring the plights of different groups, including a foray into the Rohingya Crisis…now that is different! We will also continue with our discussions on different strategies in Obstetrics to prevent pelvic floor disorders.

Venue: Sheraton Grande, Hyde Park, Sydney
Date: 1-2 November 2019

More about AGES and Ages Pelvic Floor Symposium at

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